The Gucci Artisan Corner

Gucci introduces its Artisan Corner. For the first time this new retail event brings the craftsmanship of Gucci's Florentine leather goods factory directly to you.

Throughout 2010, the
Gucci's artisans will travel around the world to select Gucci stores. As they assemble and finish some of Gucci's most iconic handbags, costumers can witness first hand meticulous attention to detail and superb craftmanship that is involved in the production of every item in Gucci's leather goods collection. Some cities included are: Tokyo, Osaka, Rome, Paris, San Francisco, Chiago, Beverlly Hills and New York.

Costumers will be able to see craftsman as they hand-stitch handles, assemble bamboo handles, prepare leather strips for women stitching and hand emboss customer's initils, offering a unique viewing of Gucci's time honored traditions.
This is a very lovely campaign from Gucci to its costumers, this is why I love Gucci.

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