YSL Manifesto by Maison Chaplin
YSL Manifesto by Maison Chaplin


I just got two copies of Manifesto Spring/10 by YSL that my friend Annabelle Guérin saved for me, this Manifesto in hands is so bizarre!

Recebi duas cópias do Manifesto Primavera/10 por YSL que a minha amiga Annabelle Guérin guardou para mim, este Manifesto em mãos é fantástico!

Je viens de recevoir deux exemplaires du Manifesto Printemps/10 d'YSL que mon amie Annabelle Guérin sauvé pour moi, ce Manifeste dans les mains est si bizarre!


  1. adoro Yves Saint Laurent!

  2. Wow I wish!! enjoy;)

  3. A trilingual post! Well done. I received two copies of Manifesto too. The pics are strange: very modern but somehow retro and cheesy... The typeset page is great. I wonder whether Stéphane Elbaz did it again!

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  5. you r so lucky ! i've been seeing so many people with this manifesto and a bag !!!!!!

    i'm jealous...