Music: Torino aka Lord Gaga

Torino has eyes dreamer. The 21 years old singer from Sao Paulo has drawn attention for his unique style and has even been compared to Lady GaGa. More than just a believer in shocking fashion, he really believes in the clothes he wears and transmits that confidence.

Torino tem olhos de sonhador. O músico de São Paulo, de 21 anos, tem chamado a atenção pelo estilo peculiar e já foi até mesmo comparado a Lady GaGa. Mais do que um mero adepto da shocking fashion, ele acredita realmente nas roupas que veste e transmite essa confiança.

When he was a teenager, he began collecting references also from European artists. Among his favorite designers are Alexander McQueen, Gareth Pugh, Nicolas Ghesquière, Maison Martin Margiela and Viktor & Rolf. In music, his influences range from the queen and king of pop, Madonna and Michael Jackson; Lady Gaga, and English and French bands.

Em adolescente começou a coleccionar referências também de bandas europeias. Entre os estilistas preferidos, estão Alexander McQueen, Gareth Pugh, Nicolas Ghesquière, Martin Margiela e Viktor & Rolf. Na música, as influências dele, que canta em inglês, vão da rainha e do rei do pop, Madonna e Michael Jackson; Lady Gaga, a bandas inglesas e francesas.

Some of Torino's favourite outfits:

Torino interviewed by Globo TV (in portuguese):

Torino - "Lake Girl"

Check out Torino's music page on Myspace.
Text by iG Moda


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  2. How cool does he look in feathers!!! Thanks for the discovery.

  3. Cool! He was often seen in Paris Fashion Week at teenage! Now he's the Lord GaGa, or the new King of Pop! Lov it!!

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    fiz as todas as fotos do show dele..bem talentoso!

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  6. How interesting! I've never heard of him, but admire his look very much!