Mc at Fatima Lopes Fall-Winter 2010 - Portugal Fashion

Fatima Lopes went futuristic and a little bit Baroque for the Fall/10 season. First presented during Paris Fashion Week and now during Portugal Fashion Week, this collection is Fatima Lopes's collection I have enjoyed the most in the latest years, using much better fabrics and more inspiring designs. Actually, there are two or three pieces that I could say it was McQueen and Gareth Pugh inspired, which is the best praise any designer could have.

Fátima Lopes inspirou-se num estilo futurista e Barroco para a estação Inverno/10. Primeiro apresentada durante a Paris Fashion Week e agora durante o Portugal Fashion, esta é a colecção de Fátima Lopes que mais gostei nos últimos anos, com materiais de muito melhor qualidade e designs mais inspiradores. De facto, poderia dizer que duas ou três peças têm algo de McQueen e Gareth Pugh, o que é o melhor elogio que qualquer designer poderia ter.

Fatima Lopes a été inspiré par le style baroque et futuriste pour la saison Hîver/10. D'abord présentée à la Paris Fashion Week et maintenant à la Portugal Fashion Week, ceci est la collection de Fatima Lopes que j'aimais le plus au cours des dernières années, avec des matériaux de toute première qualité et des modèles plus inspirants. En fait, cela pourrait signifier que deux ou trois pièces ont quelque chose McQueen et Gareth Pugh, quel est le meilleur compliment que n'importe quel créateur pourrait avoir.

At the backstage:

Photos and video shot by Maison Chaplin using a Nokia N97 Mini device


  1. i wonder if those boots are comfortable or not... hehehe when i first saw the pictures on the runway i kinda liked them but on a further analysis on the detail close ups, i'm not very into the material she used on them. they'd look better in suede i think. but overall, i agree with you, it's the best collection of fatima lopes.

  2. Thanks! I trust I am not the only one who missed this collection during La Semaine de la Mode à Paris. There seems to be a few really good pieces. Show us more fashion from Portugal. So far, it's far better than what I see in London.

    PS. I am going to publish one pic a day from a fashion shoot I did last year. I look forward to hearing what you think.

  3. it's the backstage i went.
    did you like the show ? girls look like ants... but it's over feminine in the same time..

    x, A.