MC at Storytailors Fall-Winter 2010 - Portugal Fashion

I don't know if the Baroque theme is just a trend, but the fact is that a lot of designers have been inspired by this style for their collections. However, there are some designers that have always been very Baroque and very successful, some others not too much, and others who are working this theme for the first time maybe and doing it very well, like Storytailors label. This is one of my favourite portuguese labels, one of just a few that really creates fashion in this country, and that really deserves to be spotted as much as possible, like recently in Vogue Italia.

For the Fall/10 season Storytailors have created its best collection is the latest years, and it was one of the shows I enjoyed the most in every fashion weeks in the whole world. They mixed the Baroque theme with some lines typical of the 20's or 30's, and also inspired in ballet. My favourite piece is the "ballet dress". Congratulations.

Photos and video shot by Maison Chaplin using a Nokia N97 Mini device


  1. You're so right about the baroque trend... again we have (ultra)minimalism vs (very) baroque, I love this congrats !

    This collection is really cool besides, thanks for the tip !

  2. Great post !!! Really interesting to know about the fashion in Portugal :)....and come to visit my blog I have a nice giveaway this week!
    Kisses darling

  3. «I really enjoyed this blog. I’ll come back to see what you post next!
    Wow! That’s a very beautiful and inspiring piece! Storytailors are such creative designers! they always amaze me!
    I’ve been doing some research for my project class, and today I found some very good design!
    Do you know Boca do Lobo? They’re pieces really impressed me! Take a look at their website