Qui Êtes-vous Polly Maggoo? + In & Out of Fashion coffret

For one of the series of monthly programs called "Who are you Polly Maggoo?" ('Qui Êtes-vous Polly Maggoo?') is the pseudo-portrait of a super model. Done in a cocktail of styles like méliès, cinéma vérité, Mack Sennet, Vogue, photo novellas, much of modern mythology is systematically exploded.

Thirty years ahead of its time, it satirizes TV's top model feeding frenzy, the world of fashion and brainwashing in general. The film's caustic dialogue and wicked humor strike home unerringly. With terrible, and terribly funny, far-sightedness Klein had foreseen the diarrhea of media bullshit.

In 'Qui Êtes-vous Polly Maggoo? + In & Out of Fashion' coffret dvd, the director William Klein excels in the parody of all things-media such as television commentators, phony interviews, useless scoops, the concoction of a fairy tale romance. This fantastic coffret is available on www.Colette.com.
Some of the scenes:

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  1. And a great cast too: Jean Rochefort, Philippe Noiret... It is nice to see the name of Madame Grès as well. Lanvin, Balenciaga, Balmain, Vionnet, Carven have experienced or are experiencing a resurrection. It would be great to see the House of Grès revived, too!

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