Ruhr, Germany: 2010 EU Capital of Culture

Zollverein Coal Mining industrial complex

Ruhr, in Germany, is the 2010 European Union Capital of Culture, along with the Hungarian city of Pécs. The area, named for the Ruhr river, comprises several mid-sized cities, foremost among them Düsseldorf, Essen, and Dortmund, as well as such smaller towns as Duisburg, Bochum, Hagen, and more rural districts.

Folkwang Museum

Richard Serra's Slab for the Ruhr, on view in Essen, Germany

The Ruhr is positioning itself as 'lthe bast furnace of culture', showcasing its rich artistic life as evidenced by its 200 museums, 100 cultural centers, and many other interesting places.

The Folkwang and K20 museums in Essen and Düsseldorf are a must-visit places, both unveiling highly anticipated renovations this year.

A performance at the Zollverein

The Zollverein at night

An art exhibition at the Zollverein

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  1. I planned a visit for summer, I can't wait ! I love industrial zones...