Sang Bleu 5 cocktail party in Paris

Sang Bleu 5 cocktail party in Paris

Sang Bleu 5 will be having a cocktail party on Monday, 8th of March at OFR bookstore, 20 Rue Depetit-Thouars.

Sang Bleu 5 fera une fête-cocktail Mercredi le 8 Mars à la librairie OFR, 20 Rue Depetit-Thouars.


  1. Love your blog :)
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  2. I am glad to see you somehow followed my idea of using different languages to talk to different audiences!

    Sang Bleu is a strange object. I have no interest in tattoos whatsoever BUT I am normally a great fan of their typography work. Ian Party's Sang Bleu fonts (available on are great and have sent a shockwave in the type-designers world. I once wrote to Ian that his ultra thin Sang Bleu sans serif looks a bit like those ultra thin models (those we call 'les plats d'os'!) - it was a compliment.

    I am surprised to see this very neutral swiss style font used for the title. Perhaps this is the forthcoming Swiss BP (which may have changed name)? The little I had seen of it seemed infinitely better than that. The Didot character used for 'Cocktail Party' puzzles me too: BP foundry are going to release a much anticipated Didot BP. This one is really anodyne!

    I shall wait that I know more about this (soon, I hope!)