A Charlie Chaplin's film called "All At Sea" discovered


In this still photo of a movie released by the estate of Alistair Cooke, Charlie Chaplin is seen in an 8mm home movie made by Alistair Cooke. More than 75 years after it was filmed, a home movie of Charlie Chaplin shot by a young journalist named Alistair Cooke is getting its first public viewings.

"All At Sea", an 11-minute black-and-white filmed on a 1933 boating trip that inclluded Chaplin, Paulette Goddard and a 24-year-old Cooke, shows Chaplin miming Greta Garbo, the Prince of Wales and Napoleon. It was discovered among Cooke's belongings after his 2004 death and is getting its first U.S. showings in Vermont, where his daughter lives. Read more about the article here.


Mr. Charlie Chaplin

Mr. Albert de Castro aka. Chaplin


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