David LaChapelle exhibition at the Robilant + Voena gallery, London

David LaChapelle has always been one of my favourite fashion photographers ever. Despite a little bit predictable now, David always creates great photos with the most interesting models or celebrities.

His latest exhibition takes place at the Robilant + Voena gallery in London from 27th April to 26th May 2010. The interest surrounding LaChapelle’s art work is highlighted by the record breaking attendance numbers at his most recent exhibitions held in Mexico City, Paris and Guadalajara in 2009.

The exhibition’s titular piece exemplifies LaChapelle’s interest in the iconography of art history by recreating Sandro Botticelli’s 15th century painting Venus and Mars. ‘The Rape of Africa’ provides both a recording and critique of the unceremoniously degenerative effects that western consumerism has on African culture and society, whilst still retaining the grand effect of a Baroque painting. ‘The Rape of Africa’ is joined by other LaChapelle works which also recreate classic paintings in an extremely contemporary way.

Robilant + Voena gallery
1st Floor, 38 Dover Street
London W1S 4NL
United Kingdom

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