Happy 50th anniversary Dr. Martens


1st April 2010 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Dr. Martens boot. The 1460 boot was named after 1st April 1960, the day of the first production.
For five decades this famous boot has been worn by the ordinary workers for whom it was designed but also by rebels and non-conformists of all stripes. It was adopted first by the skinheads, later by other sub-cultures and was often worn by musicians for its authentic, working-class appeal.

Dr. Martens and music have been closely associated for 50 years.
Now Dr. Martens has enlisted ten contemporary bands and ten film directors to help celebrate its birthday.
On 1st April 2010 Dr. Martens will be releasing some newly recorded music and videos onto the internet. These tracks will be a mix of contemporary takes on ten cult classics songs. The musicians are a diverse group of talented artists from across the globe, representing different musical genres.

Buraka Som Sistema band

The result is a collection of music and videos that reflects the broad range of groups who have adopted and customised Dr. Martens over the last 50 years.

Dr. Klaus Maertens and Dr. Herbert Funck

The original Dr. Martens Dept store in London’s Covent Garden, circa 1990s.

The late John Peel pictured in the Dr. Martens Dept store in London, circa 1990s.

Neneh Cherry pictured with a signed boot in the Dr. Martens Dept Store in Covent Garden, London. Circa 1990s.

Red 1460 8-eye boots signed by The Spice Girls, shown in the Dr. Martens Dept Store in London, Covent Garden, circa 1990s.

Two 1460 8-eye boots with early 90s prints

Photos kindly sent by Dr.Martens for Maison Chaplin


  1. Me encantan las fotos.
    Besos desde Estella.


  2. hey an Indian movie song was picturised right in front of the store "The original Dr. Martens Dept store in London’s Covent Garden, circa 1990s" picture I mean .
    Its at 3:06 in this youtube video right in front of the store circa 1997 .