BLACK Comme des Garçons pop-up store at Number 3 boutique, Athens

The BLACK Comme des Garcons corner is now available Number 3 boutique in Athens.

O canto da BLACK Comme des Garcons Corner está agora de paragem na boutique Number 3 em Atenas.

Le coin de BLACK Comme des Garcons est maintenant arrêté à la boutique Number 3 à Athènes.

Black comme des garçons number 3 athens Αθήνα κατάστημα black comme des garçons number 3 athens Αθήνα κατάστημα

This is the third appearance of the pop-up store in Europe, after Colette and Dover Street Market carrying exclusive items from the BLACK Comme des Garcons collection.

Este é o terceiro sítio da loja pop-up na Europa, depois da Colette e Dover Street Market, onde estão disponíveis peças exclusivas da coleção BLACK Comme des Garçons.

C'est le troisième site de la boutique pop-up en Europe, après Colette et Dover Street Market, où sont disponibles les pièces en exclusivité de la collection BLACK Comme des Garçons.

Number 3
16 Patriarchou Ioakeim Str.
10675 Kolonaki, Athens


  1. How much of a good idea is it to go implement a pop up store there... right now?

    Anyway, good luck to the brand. Sometimes unexplainable choices turn out to be the best.

    A Elite

  2. AnonymousMay 09, 2010

    Really cynical... yet Kolonaki is already a cynical place, I remember my trip to Athens and it was really something of a closed community, you had Plakka and every 'real' place and then you had this crazy district that could have been in Madrid or Paris or anywhere else...
    so I guess there is always a target there... and some stores were actually quite good !