Get the Bally & Gucci classic men's shoes

a My favourite: chic Bally classic men's shoes available on

a These timeless Gucci classic shoes owned by interior designer Mr. Nacho Polo are a must-have for every men, a perfect item for Spring season.

As you have noticed, my shoes suggestions are both in several colors. Use fashion to have fun, live colors in classic items is always chic and fun.


  1. LOVE the shoes and all the colors!! :)

  2. They also offer Atelier service to restore the flawless condition of the shoes. This service includes the complete replacement of the outer soul, heel, shoelaces, sock lining, as well as upper leather refreshment for free of charge. It is the biggest retail store in the world till present day with about 200 single brand stores around the world. The unbelievably rich archive of shoes and images simply reveals that Bally Shoes to be the longest running global luxury brand in the world.