Helmut Newton - Did you know...

Helmut Newton was born 1920 as a son of a wealthy Jewish button manufacturer family in Berlin under the name Helmut Neustädter. Until it visited 1936 the High School, which it broke off however, after it already at this time more swimming, which girl and photographing were added. It began teachings in the same year with that at that time admitted citizen of Berlin photographer Yva as a photographer. It had to close 1938 their studio because of professional ban and ranked later among the victims of the national socialism.

Two years later it broke the teachings off, over shortly after its 18. Birthday to leave on 5 December 1938, Germany toward Singapore. There he worked two weeks long as a Bildreporter at the Straits Times, before he became to dismiss because of inability. Starting from 1940 he spent the war years in Australia, where he worked first as a truck driver at the army and at the building of railways. It opened a photo studio in Melbourne to 1945. One year later it accepted the Australian nationality. In 1948 he married the actress June Browne with which he lived up to its death together. It was since the 1970's themselves as a photographer under the alias Alice jumps actively.

Starting from 1956, Helmut Newton worked for the Australian expenditure of Vogue, which became his chief. Gradually it came also French, Italian, American and the German Vogue's, as well as other fashion magazines. Since the 1970's Newton was the most in demand and most expensive in fashion photography business, advertising, Portrait and a photographer of the world. In 1976 it came out his first book of White Women pictures. Since 1981 Helmut Newton lived in Monaco with his wife Mrs. June Newton - the pair in Los Angeles spent the winter months.

Newton died at the age of 83 years at the night of 23 January 2004, after a tragic accident with his Cadillac in Los Angeles in the Cedars Sinai Medical center. His desire was to be buried in its native city of Berlin. On 2 June 2004 he was buried in an honour grave at the IIITH urban cemetery room smoking race in Berlin Friedenau in the proximity of the honour grave by Marlene Dietrich. Among the mourning guests among other things Federal Chancellor was Gerhard Schröder, Berlin governing mayors Klaus Wowereit and the British actor Roger moorlands.

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