Hyeres 2010 - The winners are...

A few weeks ago I talked here about the Hyeres International Fashion + Photo Festival 2010 in France, and now we know the winners and rising fashion stars that we will hear about in the forthcoming times.

Photo by Matthieu Lavanchy

Designer Tsolmandakh Munkhuu from Mongolia took home the Prix du publique for her all-black collection of voluminous organdy and satin pieces whose spookiness was amplified by her models having been covered head to foot in black paint. The Prix du jury went to another of the festival’s favorites, Antwerp-based Alexandra Verschueren. Like so much folded paper, her capes and dresses were constructed of layered, three-dimensional cutouts that would look equally at home in an architecture studio as on a runway.

Photo by Alexandra Verschueren

For photography, both from Switzerland Matthieu Lavanchy and Yann Gross shared the Prix du jury.

Photo by Tsolmandakh Munkhuu

Text by VMan

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