Must-have: Mary Katrantzou brass and silver necklace

Brass and silver necklace by Mary Katrantzou Fall/10 collection, to order at Mary Katrantzou +4420 7514 9632

Alex Fury on SHOWstudio says that "necklace is by no means a revolution in fashion. It looks back to the Ancien Régime, but it's also part of a longer tradition of luxury, a tradition of decoration, of ostentation, of impracticality even. Models buckle under the weight of Katrantzou's necklaces, and they are not intended for production - they are statement pieces, purely for editorial and red-carpet. Perhaps it doesn't correspond to the needs of a modern's woman wardrobe but in its decorative excess, the relief it offers from the often antiseptic cleanliness of modernism is profoundly refreshing."

Read about Mary Katrantzou's Fall/10 collection on Maison Chaplin.


  1. Hey Maison

    Your post is great :)

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    I love your opinion about fashion

  2. love love mary's clothes...
    to like watching all the best thing from Lanvin and McQueen in one show....yet...very beautiful