Exhibition "Two Shamans" curated by Tankboys and Salvatore Cuschera at Wonder Room, Milano

From wise to warrior, from mystic to magician, the shaman is the cardinal figure in animist belief, the reference point for healing, and the incarnation of the beliefs and hopes of ever member of a community. In the hyperliterate, hypercivilized and hyperdigital world of today, shamans are relegated to the role of fairy tale character or circus sideshow. Nevertheless, they are the object of an indefatigable fascination. And shamans are not about to disappear. Behold two shamans, one hailing from the Oriente, the other from the Occident.

The "Two Shamans" exhibition is curated by Tankboys and Salvatore Cuschera for the Wonder Room project in Milan.


"Two Shamans" at Wonder Room
Via Tortona 31
20144 Milano

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