Calvin Klein collaborates with Jürgen Mayer H

The presentation included an exclusive preview of the new fragrance, Calvin Klein Beauty.

Calvin Klein held its biggest ever fashion event in true Berlin grunge-chic style. In a disused building complex that used to house the city's mint, the American label threw a party that made one wonder whether the printing machines weren't still rolling. White lilies by the metre plus gallons of Veuve and raspberry cocktails served by a small army of gorgeous young men provided extra sensory support to a living installation of some 50 models.

The show marked a different approach by Calvin Klein to the presentation of fashion.

... in other areas, models interacted with the installations...

... in some cases wearing very little.

Posing on giant sculptural forms designed by Jürgen Mayer H, one of Germany's most interesting experimental architects, the models sported the coming season's oeuvre from the men's and women's Calvin Klein collections as well as ck Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein Jeans, Beauty, underwear and, in some cases, just their birthday suits. The show was an absolute relief from the bitchy pecking order of the conventional catwalk: no front row hierarchy, no jostling to get a good view, rather a refreshing opportunity to have a good long look at the collections and admire the detailing up close.Calvin Klein exhibition ausstellung Jürgen Mayer H berlin Calvin Klein exhibition ausstellung Jürgen Mayer H berlin
All lines were represented - men's and women's Calvin Klein collections as well as ck Calvin Klein Jeans, underwear and Beauty.

The Calvin Klein underwear room.

Directly after the show, Wallpaper* talked to architect Jürgen Mayer H about the advantages of cross-disciplinary collaboration with Calvin Klein. To read the interview, please visit

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  1. Were you there? This really looks like an intriguing fashion show. Much like in the 1970s in NYC (or the idea we have of it). Thanks for sharing!