Istanbul contrast exhibition of work by Dice Kayek

Dice Kayek has turned the city of Istanbul into sartorial form

Turkish fashion brand Dice Kayek has taken aspects of Istanbul, including some of its most iconic buildings and translated them into sartorial form.

The 'Kubbe' (dome) dress, by Dice Kayek, echoes the domes of Istanbul's mosques

The Blue Mosque that inspired the design

The exhibition's 12 themes include 'Istanbul by night', 'Bosphorus' and 'Dome' - with certain designs channelling specific architectural icons.

The intricate embroidery of Dice Kayek's 'Aya Sofya' dress was inspired by the mosaics of Istanbul's Haghia Sophia museum

The metallic embroidery of Dice Kayek's 'Galata' dress was inspired by the cast-iron latticework of the Galata Bridge

The 26 designs on show at the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art celebrate the diversity, history and architecture of the city

Istanbul is famed for its 'lale' (tulips), the inspiration for this Dice Kayek design

Istanbul is also known for its many doves, which inspired this 'Kumru' (dove) dress

Dice Kayek is one of Turkey's most acclaimed fashion labels. Now based in Paris, the brand's designer Ece Ege has drawn inspiration from her city of birth for these 26 designs celebrating the diversity, history and architecture of this famous intersection of cultures.

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