Ioannis Dimitrousis Spring-Summer 2011 (exclusive)

Ioannis Dimitrousis caught my attention during London Fashion Week last month, as I consider him one of the most innovative designers of the moment. Seen this, I could not let pass this.

For the Spring-Summer 2011 collection the designer draws his inspiration from the poem Balladyna, a masterpiece of Polish romantic literature written by Juliusz Słowacki revolving around the themes of passion, power and destiny. Accordingly the materials used are rayon yarn, handmade crochet and suede to create sculptured and curved shapes with simplicity and urban romanticism.

This is the second collection of womenswear only for Ioannis Dimitrousis, It is delicate, intriguing and focused on a woman’s body shape and quality. Every piece always results in the unexpected combination of fabrics and decorative effects driven by a strong sense of individuality to cast an immediate spell on the viewer.



  1. Un trabajo delicado.
    Besos desde Estella.

  2. Wow that is stunning! x

  3. I'm speechless...amazing! thank you for sharing. I love seeing what is NEW.