Le Cabinet de Curiosités at Colette (Paris) - Until Dec. 31


Thomas Erber creates his Cabinet of Curiosités, in a decisively contemporary version. Caring to the whole of categories that fascinates him or in which he worked during these last fifteen years for the media while exploring the new trends, designers and going all over the world to discover unusual places and ascending flows… So he covers the life style realms in which he involves for years including fashion, accessories, jewells, watch making, shoes, design, art, trip, music and eroticism…


The Thomas Erber’s Cabinet de Curiosités proposes also a version of luxury more based to “Know-how” than “Know-sale”. So all his talented world famous guests are independent and claim for this independent like the dynamic of their own Creation. They are thirty designers from various domains to participate in this event creating especially for this occasion a unique piece that has to sublimate their own “Know-how”.

Each piece will be exhibited and available for sale at colette for December.
But this Cabinet de Curiosités is also a trip which several photographers work in collaboration with Thomas Erber from trip and music. During the opening party will take place a private concert by an artist who will, without a doubt, be certainly famous next year!


You will find a magazine relating the project with more surprises, a digital compilation, a candle and home perfume signed by Byredo, a t-shirt “collect’or” by Nice Collective, packs of original vinyl records, a special trip thought for the occasion that people will can offer themselves if they want… etc.
This life-size curiosity breaks the luxury market standardization and the common stereotypes that let’s us thinking everything have to be similar to exist.
The second edition of the Cabinet de Curiosités by Thomas Erber will open in December 2011 in another city, another Country which will be revealed soon…


213 rue Saint-Honoré
Paris, France


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