Ricardo Andrez Fall 2011 Capsule Collection at Lisbon Fashion Week, 12 March

The collection is based on the power of our ancestors’ fairy tale, fascinating and pagan, possessing a mixture of entertainment and high morals, the meeting place between the real and the imaginary, the city and the forest, adult and childhood, in a continuous relationship between the visual contrasting elements which paradoxically meet, just as the necessary coexistence of the real world and the imaginary. These contrasts are highlighted in the collection which progresses rhythmically, using the paradox of the geometries and asymmetries present in each of the pieces and in the collection as a coherent whole, antagonizing at the same time certain contemporary details.

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The use of 15 thousand small wooden cubes, in even formats, however under different patterns, using elbow pads with zippers, zippers of gold coloured metal and “dusty” maxi print, are the expression of this fairy tale world. The selected colours either place us in the real urban world by using grey tones, or in the timeless forest, in the nature, the proper context to our relationship in organic beens, by using cream tones, light coloured wood and blue-black, highlighting the conflict between quietness and adventure, real and imaginary which coexist in parallel : the spirit travels through far distant worlds; the body is present in a certain real moment, in a certain part of the city.

The language of the pieces is anchored to the fairy tale, not only through the perspective of the real and the imaginary, but also in the timelessness. Basing ourselves in the mythical instance and persistent fairy tale, this is also a collection whose strong point is continuity. With the passing of the time, it changes and with the deterioration of the pieces, attains new behaviours, new ways of being, just like the fairy tale which transforms itself over time, as the expression of the different realities produced by man.

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