Jin Kim jewellery - A precarious balance between architecture and sculpture


Light and darkness. And the talent of young designer Jin Kim, capable of combining opposing qualities in fashion jewellery. Always with a precarious balance between architecture and sculpture. In Jin Kim's jewel design work, you can catch a glimpse of the Yin and Yang of Chinese philosophy, with the two fundamental principles of the universe without contrast, yet complementary and indissoluble.


Indeed, Kim, who graduated in 2010 from Central St. Martins College in London is originally from South Korea, and has a CV boasting studies in fine arts. Not just any degree, considering that she was picked in January at London's Future Map, the annual show that brings together the works of the best students from the capital's 6 colleges.


Here, the young designer exhibited “Confinement Jewellery”, her latest project which makes use of unusual materials such as unrefined metal and cement. An idea that is immediately striking due to its pieces featuring extreme weights, the hardness that not only concerns the materials, but also the wearability, provocative and thus conceptual.


Cage-shaped chokers, as light as a bird's skeleton or as heavy as blocks of reinforced concrete; rings that have lost their contents and are resplendent like sketches converted into matter. Jin Kim always plays on opposites and transforms her jewellery into something we had not discovered yet.

Text/Images via
Lancia Trend Visions

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