Royal Knot Collection released on Royal Wedding day

Knot Theory unveiled The Royal Knot Collection yesterday, April 29th, Royal Wedding day. The collection features exquisite embroidered designs.


For generations, the British Royalty has shown us a strong sense of fashion. Her Majesty has the most colourful style from hat to toe. Lady Di's sense of fashion and her elegance have influenced women around the world. And now, Kate, who is fashionable on and off runway, carryed on the Royalty's fashionable presence.


While traditional in many ways, the Royal family has been ahead of time in fashion. In celebration of this Royal occasion and the Royal family's fashion statements spanning generations, Knot Theory presented a collection of fine embroidered Royal British Crown and stallions.
Now this should answer the biding question that's been on our minds: What to wear when the newly wedded Royals visit Royal Knot in Canada?


Knot Theory is a unisex necktie design house originated in Vancouver, Canada. Knot Theory has gained a loyal following of urban men and women since its establishment in 2010. Knot Theory neckties are available at and shipped worldwide.

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