Exhibition "Inspiration Dior" in Moscow - Until 24 July 2011

Christian Dior was a lover of art and artists. He opened a gallery in Paris in 1928 and was only 23 when he showed Picasso, Klee, and Giacometti.


In 1947, when he became a couturier, he expressed his love of art in each of his designs. Like a master painter, Dior created a world of splendor, transforming women into myriad touches of colour or magnificent flowers.

In the "Inspiration Dior" exhibition, Dior's celebration of femininity is mirrored in works by the greatest artists of past and present - from Henri Matisse to Marc Quinn, Pablo Picasso to Jeff Koons, and Kazimir Malevich to Olga Kisseleva.


Visit http://www.diorcouture.com/pouchkine/uk/#/exhibition for a 360º view on the exhibition.

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