Kylie Minogue and Dolce and Gabbana call out to all designers and illustrators

Kylie Minogue and Dolce and Gabbana are calling out to all designers, artists and illustrators to produce a design for a t-shirt for Kylie.

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The winner will get their design worn, photographed and promoted by Kylie herself (full details below) as well as featured on, and their social networks. Here is the link

The 50 top-voted submissions will be considered, but the winning entry may be selected from the larger pool of submissions. Click on "Get Started" to submit your finest design in jpeg format.

Inspiration for your design can be drawn from Kylie's Aphrodite - Les Folies tour and her tour wardrobe designed by Dolce & Gabbana. Submission deadline is the 11 May and public voting starts on the 12 May.

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    Goddess of Love, Beauty and sensual desire.

    Considering my collection you will recognize something confidential and
    well known. The basic is a Vneck shirt which is built of 100 % organic cotton.
    it is comfortable to wear, and a shirt, stays a shirt :)

    What is the statement!?
    It is a hint of a fresh briese, but also something pretty strong and self-conscious.
    The front is covered into black swarovski crystals on the one side, and on the other side into abstract and impulsive black dauber.
    It caresses perfectly the bust and gives her something dynamic and mysterious.

    The back is complettly sprinkled with the main colour blue-metallic which sparkles always differently regarding the position of the incoming lights.
    To emphasize a contrast to the white T, are as well as on the frontside some black pattern applied on the backside.

    Through this handmade process, this piece will be unique just as the person who will wear it!

    What can be a greater feeling, to wear something as the only one on this planet!?

    So give me the chance to make the world better with my ideas, my creations or with myself!

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    Filip Galiot