Valentim Quaresma "Alchemy" jewelry exhibition, Lisbon - Until 28 May

GBenard VQ Alquimia 1

Valentim Quaresma presents "Alchemy". Wealth and longevity are two of the four goals that alchemists tried to achieve through a creative process that connected Chemistry, Anthropology, Astrology, Magic, Philosophy, Metallurgy, Mathematics, Mysticism and Religion.

GBenard VQ Alquimia 2

Using some of these sciences as metaphors I created a collection that will allow me to achieve results that will enlighten me about what is at the core of my work, that will allow me to develop new creative processes and ways of approaching themes that are an inspiration for my creative universe.

GBenard VQ Alquimia 3

The materials used are glass, plexiglass, anodized aluminum, nickel plated brass.

GBenard VQ Alquimia 4

GBenard VQ Alquimia 5

GBenard VQ Alquimia 6

GBenard VQ Alquimia 7

GBenard VQ Alquimia 8
Photgraphs by Gonzalo Bénard

Valentim Quaresma "Alchemy" jewelry exhibition
Galeria Praça das Flores, 48 A
Lisbon - Portugal

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