Konrad Parol - Ember

Fashion designer Konrad Parol and Aga Byczot's fashion film, showcasing Konrad Parol's Fall 2011/2012 collection.

Konrad Parol's autumn winter collection LES MERCENAIRES is the next rebeliant uncover of the designer. This time it is much more conscious and mature. LES MERCENAIRES are the 21st Century contestants. The subject of rebels and outsiders, presented in collections for several seasons, this time was reinterpreted in a more contemporary way. The starting point for designing the collection was a romantic rebel fighting for a just cause. Konrad Parol proposes a figure that is rough and geometric. It is dominated by architectural forms and the asceticism of the line. The seemingly drab colors have been broken by strong and orange accents. What characterize Parol's style is a form and great quality; the clothes were made of high quality fabrics and materials: cotton, leather and wool. The whole perfectly harmonised with the industrial space of factory where the premiere took place and touchy sounds composed by PLEQ.

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