"A Limitless Journey from my heart to my world" exhibition by Hesham Malik in Dubai


Exhibition: 24th June 2011
5pm onwards
Venue: Fairmont Hotel, Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road

Hesham Malik came to school in Dubai from Mumbai at age 13, later went to Seneca College, Toronto where he obtained a Diploma in International Business before moving to University of Waterloo where he obtained a degree in the faculty of Arts. A self taught artist. He had participated in a number of volunteer institutions where he displayed art for pleasure and charity. One of his favourite is The Kitchener Waterloo Day Care Center where he was a regular Volunteer. He originally never intended to become an artist. He takes everyday things and makes them colorful. However, his work seems unique as it simply displays a continuous ongoing dialogue in his head. His work mainly display's what lies within himself, his Imagination, his travel memory, science and confusion. His work mainly contains bold shapes, Asian designs with luminous colors. In his words "I have captured the beauty of life within myself, which helps me create Life".

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