Opera Gallery celebrates Picasso in Monaco (24 Jun - 27 Aug)

On June 23, Opera Gallery Monaco will inaugurate an exceptional exhibition of work by Picasso, eagerly awaited by collectors worldwide.

Altogether 34 works will be offered for sale, including 17 oil paintings and 17 drawings and water colours, executed by the master between 1905 and 1969. With an estimated value totalling 60 million to 70 million euros, this will be the most important collection of Picassos brought together by a French gallery for more than 20 years.

Buste de jeune garçon, 1964, Signed "Picasso" (front upper left corner), Oil on canvas, 73 x 54 cm – 28.7 x 21.3 in.

Left: La Villa au Palmier, 1951, Signed "Picasso" (front lower left corner),Oil on Board 39,4 x 47 cm – 15.5 x 18.5 in.
Right: Trois femmes à la fontaine, 1921, Signed "Picasso" (front lower right) Oil on canvas 19.2 x 23.8 cm – 7.6 x 9.4 in.

The collection brought together by Opera Gallery Monaco will present rare works on paper, such as the 1905 water colour, "Saltimbanque et jeune fille” and some exceptional oils on canvas or panel: "Nature morte au gobelet" (1914), with a dedication to Igor Stravinsky ; "Trois femmes à la fontaine" (1949) ; "Buste de jeune garçon" (1964) ; and canvases dating from his Riviera period, like "Villa au palmier" (1951).

Left: Femme au chapeau assise (buste), 1962, Signed "Picasso" (front right), Oil on canvas, 81 x 65 cm – 31.9 x 25.6 in.
Right: Femme assise, 29 March 1949, Oil on canvas, 64.9 x 50 cm – 25.5 x 19.7 in.

Opera Gallery in Monaco

Opera Gallery - Monaco
1, avenue Henry Dunant
Palais de la Scala
98000 Monaco

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