Tangent Magazine 07 'Uncensored Glamour' is out


'Uncensored Glamour' is inspired by our modern lifestyles. For instance, with technology today, we all carry devices that can record moments in our life and make them public. We also expose our private lives on social networking websites, when they had previously remained in secret. The lack of censorship in our lives today creates many opportunities for 'Uncensored Glamour'.

The Projects in this issue, have been created by international talents with this theme in mind. Each project reveals uncensored moments in high-end fashion born from the creative teams' vision. In Tangent Confidential Part Three, shot by Emmanuel Giraud and styled by Heather Cairns , we take you on a private boat where three characters play out their desires whilst touring Sydney Harbour. A Man's World, shot by Elvis Di Fazio, shows what can happen in a female dominated work place and Bex Sheer's styling on model Greg Kheel shows how men's and women's fashion can be blurred. In addition, all the artists at Paris agency, Agent & Artists, have interpreted the theme in seven different illustrations.

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