Miu Miu presents "MUTA", a film by Lucrecia Martel

Directed by Lucrecia Martel, MUTA, meaning both "mute" and "transformation", is aq beautiful and cryptic portroyal of an all female world of symbolism, hidden meaning and intrigue.

The surreal narrative is set onboard a ship anchored in a tropical sea. As dawn lifts and electrics buzz and flicker to life, an elegant crew of beautiful and exquisitely attired female creatures emerge insect-like friom portals, their faces obscured from view.
Martel's singular film is a mesmerizing personal reflection on the transformative power of femininity at the heart of the Miu Miu obsession. MUTA follows Zoe Cassavete's opulent and dreamy tale "The Powder Room" and will be followed by two more short films, to be announced soon.

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