Artist Valentim Quaresma at the "WORK-IT-OUT" exhibition in Latvia


For the second year, fashion industry is represented at the Cesis Art Festival, Latvia, and this time at the WORK-IT-OUT exhibition, ​​which is running until August 7, 2011.

Cesis Castle was chosen as the venue for the festival that showcases several local fashion designers: Līga Banga, Vita Radziņa, Dace Sāmīte, Indra Miklāva, Artis Štamgūts and Aļona Bauska - that explore their relationship with their work through fashion facilities.
In his work, Valentim uses the human head and its thoughts, as a symbol of the origin of any movement and work. This demand and research by the thought is definitely one of the reasons why his work, which focuses on the meaning of intellectual power, promises to be especially intriguing to the public.

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