Dilek Hanif Haute Couture Winter 2012

D_H- 0291

D_H- 0305

D_H- 0017

D_H- 0065

D_H- 0089

D_H- 0146

D_H- 0198

D_H- 0226

D_H- 0408

D_H- 0465

D_H- 0488

D_H- 0497

D_H- 0579

D_H- 0587

The new collection by Dilek Hanif for next winter is inspired by the stylistic heritage of Ottoman tradition – a distinctive element that has always characterized the sartorial philosophy of the couturière - exalted by the sophisticated touch of glamour that evokes the golden age of the 1970s.

The palette alternates the chromatic luxuriousness of timeless colours, such as black and midnight blue, to the intense elegance of cherry red and purple. Sumptuous contrasts are created through touches of gold, skilful inserts and mixes of materials that reveal effects of the light and refined transparencies on the surface.
The lines hug the body with close-fitting and ultra-feminine shapes that slim the silhouette in long mermaid dresses, evening jumpsuits, timeless suits and outfits that combine voluptuous blouses with soft trousers and skirts worthy of a red carpet.

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  1. Very beautiful and elegant collection !!! I love this style