Os Burgueses Winter 2012 campaign


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Two years ago, the fashion designers duo, Mia Lourenço and Eleutério, began a collection cycle reporting the life of Jane Doe in IV acts. The Fall 2011 collection – Nuclear Winter – is the final act where Jane manages to accomplish the prophecy of leaving this world by the hands of the Bionic-Man. In the environment inhabits an atmosphere of suspension. The last moments seen in slow motion: the coldness of the machinery, the restlessness of the humans and the peace of the prophet…

What comes after the prophecy?

Mia Lourenço and Eleutério at the end of this story found the starting point for the new future. In the suspension they found time to take a deep breath, assimilate and discover new concepts. They build their future in the need of creating art, innovate and reinvent, to appreciate what happened, what happens and what will happen. The future is Urban Poetry.

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