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Fashion jewellery comes in a wide array of sizes, colours, and types. Whether you prefer something simple or jewellery that stands out, you are sure to find some out there to suit your tastes. As of late, trends have shifted away from utilizing only metal and incorporating other materials such as resin, cloth, wood, clay, and semiprecious stone to create interesting colour combinations and intricate patterns.

For example, one of the most popular necklace fashions today is the asymmetrical style, which features an off-centre focal point (usually a flower). A great choice is a brightly-coloured necklace with clay beads and a wooden floral focal piece. For something a little more subtle, an all-wood necklace would be ideal and would actually be more flexible in matching different outfits.

Chunky bead bracelets are in style today; for a durable bracelet, a semiprecious stone bracelet with a chain link is an ideal choice. However, if you are looking for something lighter, a great idea is a resin beaded bracelet with an elastic band. Not only is this more lightweight, but it is also more practical if you tend to forget to take off bracelets when washing your hands; this way, there is no worry of the material tarnishing. Bangles are also great in this case as they are more durable overall and therefore less prone to snapping under pressure. 

Resin is not only popular among bracelets in today’s fashion jewellery, but also among rings and earrings. One modern twist to resin rings is an intricate design on the surface as a focal point. The contour of the ring remains the same round shape for comfort, but the focal point can be any intricate shape, such as that of a flower. Some popular earring styles today include hoops, drops, and basic posts with modern touches including resin, glass, and semiprecious stone.

One important aspect to keep in mind is that not only are some metal parts prone to tarnishing, but they can also be harmful to the skin. Some metals such as nickel tend to irritate sensitive skin, so if you have ever shown sensitivity to any type of jewellery, make sure that in the future the label either mentions that the metal is hypoallergenic or is made from a finer metal such as sterling silver or gold. Even if an item of jewellery is gold- or silver-plated it can still cause a reaction, so it bodes well for many women that today’s most popular jewellery styles have trended away from metal. 

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