Karl Lagerfeld Guest Edition of Metro International

Today it was the debut of Karl Lagerfeld as a Global Editor-in-Chief for Metro. Below are two of the most interesting quotes from Karl on anonymity and autobiographies.

Hoje foi a estreia de Karl Lagerfeld como Editor-Chefe Global da Metro. Abaixo, duas das suas frases mais interessantes sobre anonimato e auto-biografias.

“People who say they wish for anonymity are liars. They work too hard to become famous to want the opposite. Life is easier when you are famous and people know you. You don’t need a passport. Sometimes [at the airport] they don’t even ask me. They see it’s me and that’s all.”

“In fact, most of the people I met when I was young, all became famous. There are people I used to be very friendly with and then less. The reason why I don’t want a book written about me is because I don’t want these people to have the pleasure to read any book where they were once vaguely important.”


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