Louis Vuitton Presents a Film Series

The first in a film series on cities around the world, using gender as a lens to interpret each city's identity. The first film is called "When Hong Kong is a Woman...", featuring Asian actress Grace Huang and directed by Jean-Claude Thibaut.

O primeiro de uma série de filmes em cidades ao redor do mundo, usando o género como uma lente para interpretar a identidade de cada cidade. O primeiro filme chama-se "When Hong Kong is a Woman..." (Quando Hong Kong é uma Mulher), e conta com a participação da atriz asiática Grace Huang, realizado por Jean-Claude Thibaut.


  1. Destroyed by the very un-Hong Kong-like American-accented narrative, words apparently pieced together by a self-important, untalented 12-year-old. Fails miserably, couldn't get past 20 seconds, the thudding, clumsy narrative with poorly cast talent made me cringe.

  2. Totally agree with the bad narration and voice talent. How can this be a LV sponsored piece?