"The Mastery of Time" book: The history of Haute Horlogerie


Dominique Fléchon, historian and expert in Fine Watchmaking at the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie, is the author of a major work on the history of time measurement from its origins to the present day. This new book fills a void of more than half a century in publications on this theme.

The "Tour de L'Île" double-face wristwatch includes sixteen complications. Vacheron Constantin, Geneva, 2005.

"Mercator" wirstwatch, produced in honor of the cartographer G. Mercator. Vacheron Constantin, Geneva, 1994.

From the earliest incursions into time measurement that came with astronomical observations in the ancient world to contemporary technical and precious Fine Watchmaking, "The Mastery of Time" tells the decisive moments in the incessant quest for precision and its inherent functions. Advances in science and technology have pushed the realms of possibility, while the decorative arts have filled the history of horology with the spark of imagination and longing that is a part of any exceptional creation. You can order the book here.

Double-face artillery pocket-watch with curvimeter and compass. 1914.

Dunhill, tachymetric double-face pocket-watch. France, 1910.


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