Versace launches fine jewelry collection


Donatella Versace is having the best times in recent years for her brand. Besides the return of the Atelier Versace collection on the runways, and this time, to the iconic Paris Ritz hotel, she is now launching a fine jewelry line of Versace.

The haute joaillerie line includes diamonds, emeralds and other gemstones set in precious metals. Like everything from Versace, the jewelry is sexy, full of life and luxurious.




Donatella Versace tem vivido os melhores tempos da sua marca nos últimos anos. Seguindo do relançamento da Atelier Versace nas passereles, e desta vez, no icónico Hotel Ritz de Paris, agora lança a linha de alta joalheria da Versace.
A linha de alta joalheria inclui diamantes, esmeraldas e outras pedras preciosas. Como tudo da Versace, a joalheria é sexy, cheia de vida e luxuosa.


  1. More and more high-end fashion brands keep on pushing on over-the-top luxury. #versace, first re-launches its Atelier Versace collection and now a fine jewellery line to follow; #dolcegabbana draw the attention thanks to its fine man watches collection and, a few days ago, set up their first haute-couture collection for a select few. #luxury has never been so desirable as it is now.

  2. That's true Fashion Metrics, also this last days it was announced the opening in Paris of the LV jewelry store in Place Véndome!

  3. Victoria, you can check the images of the Louis Vuitton jewelry story in Paris on the link below

  4. Thank you Albert! Great Pictures by the way!

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