Architecture of the World. Infrastructure, Mobility, New Landscapes exhibition in Milan

3S Studio, Silvia Dagna Serena Galassi Simona Maurone architetti associati.

The exhibition devoted to infrastructure, which will be opening on 9 November at La Triennale di Milano, is entitled: Architecture of the World. Infrastructure, Mobility,New Landscapes. 

The title refers explicitly to those works, such as roads, railways and airports, that most give shape to the world and that enable it to function, and it examine show they relate to changing uses and habits and to an increasingly endangered environment.

The exhibition consists of four sections of which one, on history, will constitute an element of continuity throughout the visit. The other three, which come one after the other, will show works and projects made outside of Italy, what has been built or is currently under way in Italy and, lastly, what is beginning to appear as a planet-wide geographical picture of large new infrastructural works.

Nuova stazione passante di Berlino, 2006.

Le Corbusier, Plan Obus, 1931.

Triennale di Milano
Viale Alemagna, 6, 20121
Milano, Italia

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