Exhibition: Manipulating Surface. Portuguese Craftsmanship

03 POSTER oficial PT

The Embassy of Portugal in London is hosting a unique exhibition until February 19th, 2013, featuring emerging designers of the Portuguese fashion scene.

Curated by Xenia Capacete Cabellero, the "Manipulating Surface: Portuguese Craftsmanship" exhibition comes from the International Fashion Showcase 2013 program launched by British Council in partnership with the British Fashion Council to several embassies in London. This event is part of the London Fashion Week schedule in a way to promote new talents in the fashion industry.

Among other guests, Portuguese jeweler Valentim Quaresma takes part on the event, where they will be showcased several styles and fabrics used in womenswear and menswear, jewelry, shoes and hats.

Valentim Quaresma by Gonzalo Bènard