Giorgio Armani "Frames of Life" campaign

Giorgio Armani's Frames of Life eyewear campaign is back in 2013 full of new surprises. On the new campaign, the setting of Frames of Life is a café in a big city square, with a constant flow of people coming and going.

The frames represent the timeless design drawing on the iconic shapes of Giorgio Armani, revisiting in a contemporary fashion with new materials and colors, artisanal details and innovative technological features.
The story is played by 4 characters: Luc, Carlos, Nina, and Lucille and Adrian. This creates a medley of different stories, hopes, and emotions, tied together by a common element: their Frames of Life eyewear. Each snapshot captures a real life moment in the life of the character which you can watch on the videos below:

  • Luc, a writer whose first work has just been published:

    Luc wears an ultralight titanium optical model, with thin temples and the unmistakable curled tips. The streamlined frame with its round-shaped lenses is so light it feels like wearing nothing. Available in black, gold, and bronze, all with a matte finish.

    • Nina, a talented cellist player seeking her first gig:

    Nina wears glasses with a strong, confident personality and a touch of retro that hides advanced technology details and sophisticated research in materials. The color combinations available include: black with grey leather spoiler, olive green with brown leather spoiler, and speckled havana with black leather spoiler.

    • Lucille and Adrian, the lovers:

    The architect's choice is a refined, structured model with marked retro style in the details, like the characteristic metal double bridge and metal rivets. In all color versions, the acetate is specially processed to give a slightly rough texture to the frame; available in classic black, havana, honey, grey, and red. Crystal lenses for all versions.
    Adrian's partner Lucille, herself an architect, wears an elegant oval-shaped model with a retro taste in the metal rivets of the front and tips, as well as in the scratched finish of the acetate frame that creates a matte effect. Available in five colour versions: black, blue, water green.

    Note: This article will be updated with the video of Carlos when it gets released.

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