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OITOEMPONTO, the luxury architecture and interior design company by Artur Miranda and Jacques Bec, has launched the "OITOEMPONTO architecture & intérieurs" book, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the brand.

Released by French publisher Éditions de La Martinière and edited by Marie Venditelli, the 320 pages of "OITOEMPONTO architecture & intérieurs" explore eight essential raw materials to OITOEMPONTO: stone, metal, concrete, wood, paper, glass, lacquer and fiber. The book launch in Portugal was held at Fashion Clinic luxury fashion boutique in Lisbon, where the book is available for purchase.

On the book, Jacques Bec and Artur Miranda stated:

"It is a privilege for us to point out a career as eclectically fulfilled through a book, better yet, published by the prestigious Editions de La Martinière. We believe that this work puts us in perspective, an introspection that gives way to renewal." 
- Jacques Bec

"This book summarizes an identity, but our constant evolution doesn't allow us to stagnate. Creativity is a driving force that impels us to move forward and obviously with the best partners. For example, our partnership with Fashion Clinic for the book launch. This is an event that combines two companies with solid prestige and strong reputation."
- Artur Miranda

Some of the most important architecture and interior design projects by OITOEMPONTO:

  • Casa Corso:

  • Casa Grovesnor:

  • Casa Macassar:

  • Quinta do Pessegueiro (Wine cellar):

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