Charlie Rose interviews John Galliano: The King is alive

John Galliano at Charlie Rose
John Galliano in interview by Charlie Rose

Charlie Rose has interviewed John Galliano in one of his rare appearances since the whole scandal came out two years ago. John Galliano is the reason why I love fashion and he makes me believe that this is one of the most creative jobs one can do.

What John said was horrible, and it is not excusable just because it's John Galliano, but everyone knows (and saw that) he was very sick. Those who truly know him and anyone who has always followed his work can see that he is a romantic and a supporter of freedom of speech. On this rare interview with Charlie Rose, John Galliano talks about his terrible addiction to drugs and alcohol, and how it almost killed him; also his collaboration with Oscar de la Renta. John Galliano has made more for fashion than almost any other designer has, and everyone deserves a second chance. I miss John Galliano, and I hope that the king comes back to fashion soon.

Watch the full interview here.

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