Portrait of a city: New York & Los Angeles

"New York. Portrait of a City"

"New York. Portrait of a City" by Reuel Golden is a beautiful book that presents the epic story of New York on nearly 600 pages of emotional, atmospheric photographs, from the mid-19th century to the present day. Supplementing this treasure trove of images are over a hundred quotations and references from relevant books, movies, shows and songs. The city’s fluctuating fortunes are all represented, from the wild nights of the Jazz Age and the hedonistic disco era, to the grim days of the Depression and the devastation of 9/11 and its aftermath, as its broken-hearted but unbowed citizens picked up the pieces. Buy the book on taschen.com.

Meanwhile in Los Angeles...

"Los Angeles. Portrait of a City"

"Los Angeles. Portrait of a City" book by Jim Heimann shows from the first known photograph taken in Los Angeles to its most recent sweeping vistas, providing a fascinating journey through the city’s cultural, political, industrial, and sociological history. Los Angeles is shown in its emergence from a desert wasteland to a vast palm-studded urban metropolis, beginning with the 1880s’ real estate boom, through the early days of Hollywood, the urban sprawl of the late 20th century, and right up to the present day. Buy the book on taschen.com.

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