L.G.R launches new sunglasses for the Corviglia Ski Club

Africa inspired L.G.R launched four new exclusive sunglass models for the Corviglia Ski Club in Saint Moritz, Switzerland, with technical lenses conceived to fulfil the special needs of people who enjoy the mountains: Carthago, Tsavo, Victoria and Tripoli.

To manufacture this special edition, L.G.R created lenses for the mountain environment, designed to protect the eye from harmful UV rays reflected from snow.

The lenses are bi-mirrored, consisting of 3 alternate layers: dark on top, clear in the middle and dark at the back.

In this way, perfect visibility is guaranteed while practising winter sports, together with a complete protection from the strong solar radiation at high altitudes.

L.G.R Tripoli

L.G.R Victoria

The limited edition "L.G.R for Corviglia Ski Club" is personalized with the Club logo and it is available only for the members of the prestigious club founded in 1930 in Saint Moritz.

The club has always been the beloved retreat of the international jet set and it was founded by prominent personalities such as, among others, Coco Chanel and Jacques Cartier.
L.G.R Carthago

L.G.R Tsavo

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