Nancy Gonzalez Fall 2014 bags

The Nancy Gonzalez collection for Fall-Winter 2014 is a sublime expression of texture and tailoring.

Pleated gussets, intricate folds, invisible cuts, central undulations are only some of the techniques the designer has used in the more than 150 shapes Nancy Gonzalez is presenting.

The use of fur in a disciplined manner, a stripe of white mink through the middle of a calf hair animal print and crocodile bag whispers the wild side, white mink pompons organized in perfect symmetry on another.

Nancy Gonzalez color palette a well studied one of surprising neutrals range from an abundant use of greens, that cross the border from jade to olive to evergreen.

To the berries: from Bordeaux to blush pink, blues: from navy to sky. To beautiful shades of taupe, carbon, and a magnificent brown that can really not be nominated as it is a mixture between brown, black, and grey.

One of Nancy Gonzalez's biggest focus for Fall 2014 was to allow the crocodile skins themselves to do the talking, mostly using satin finishes on them, not shiny, but not matte, a fresh and distinct way to present precious skins.

With its satin crocodile skins, delicious fur, exquisite colors, dreaminess, rigor and composition. This collection is one fundamentally luxurious yet as discreet as is the designer herself.

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