âme moi Luxury Handbags Made of Gold

Maison Chaplin is pleased to introduce you to âme moi, the new star of luxury fashion whose birth was led by the inspiration on the embroidery of bullfighters coats and its charismatic design.

The elegant, seductive movements of the horses and its misterious behaviour made the equestrian sport the motto for the creation of the âme moi handbags.

âme moi "La Piccolina" bag

The refined design, sophistication, the use of the most luxurious materials on a royalty level, and its attention to details are the most important values of the âme moi handbags, created by designer Carlotta Costa and totally made in Portugal by the most experienced artisans.

One of the things I love the most about âme moi is its new meaning on exclusivity, its durability and the continuing value of its products.

âme moi "La Grandiosa" bag

The use of some special materials inspired by the equestrian sport, such as horse mane, filigree of gold and silver, embroidered silks, among others, allow that both handbags or backpacks never lose its value, making them not only luxury fashion accessories but also collection items for its owners.

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