Orlan at the Centre Pompidou

Since 1964, the photographic series "ORLAN-Corps" and "Corps-sculpture" reveal the elements of a body-centered approach as experimental material. With sensuality, humor and irony, the work of Orlan addresses notions of identity, otherness, duplication and hybridization.

"I'm a woman and a man" can be read on a sign carried by the artist a few years before the scandal of the "Le Baiser de l’Artiste" performance, at Fiac in 1977.

Orlan proposed the "french kiss" to visitors for 5 francs, slipped into a sculpture distributor that she embodied. Major artist of body art, Orlan continues a work that constantly reinvents in line with the current situation, both in the use of different materials and technologies in her interactivity.

The "Orlan" event will take place on 18th september, 7pm, at the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

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